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Happy Person of the Month

Do you like happy people? Well-so do we! Each month we choose a new happy person to be in the spotlight! Now most of these people will be somewhat famous...but if you want to be showcased-u can send a picture and info about yourself to and they just might make you the next happy person of the month! Peace out!

Nate Cole
(a member of the christian group Plus One)


Basic Info
Full Name: Nathan David Forest Cole
Birthday: May 19, 1981
Birthplace: Houston, TX
Siblings: Younger Brother, Travis; Younger Sister, Laine
High school: Capital Christian - Sacramento, CA
Hobbies: Basketball, Shopping, Movies, Golf, Anything Musical, Playstation, Talk on the phone, Swimming
Pastime: High school football
Article of clothing: Tank top
Toothpaste: Aquafresh
Cologne: Hugo Boss is what I wear now (probably not a fave)
Bible story: David & Goliath, Samson, Jonah and the whale
Board Game: Scrabble
Scripture: Proverbs 3:5-6, Jeremiah 29:11
Store: Urban Outfitters
Sports Team: Sacramento Kings
Bible translation: NKJ and some of the modern ones
Childhood toy: GI Joes
Pair of shoes: My brand new gray velco Sketchers (they look futuristic)
Place: Paris or Hawaii
Vacation Spot: Home, or somewhere in Europe
City: New York, L.A., Seattle
Fast food drive-thru order: McDonald's--6 piece chicken nugget combo, Taco Bell--bean burrito w/o no onions & two tacos
Hang out: 3rd Street Promenade - Santa Monica; Movies and shopping
Tv Show: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, TRL , Real Tv
'70s/'80s Show: A-Team, CHiPs, Knight Rider
Actor: Will Smith
Actress: Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts
Cartoon: Duck Tales
Animal: Dogs, Monkeys
Movie: Dumb & Dumber
Music: Pop, R&B, Gospel, Alternative & Rock, Hip Hop
Artist:                   Changes too much

Influential artists:

Katina's, Brian McKnight, Jonathan Pierce, My Grandpa - Ira Stamphill, Steven Curtis Chapman
Hymn: "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow"
Albums: Fred Hammond-> "Spirit Of David"; DCtalk-> "Jesus Freak"
Song Lyrics: "Because You Loved Me" lyrics
Awards show: Grammy's
Song: "No Weapon" by Fred Hammond
Food: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Fast food, Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo
Pizza: Cheese or pepperoni
Breakfast Cereal: Lucky Charms or Magic Stars (generic Lucky Charms)
Ice cream flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Mint Chocolate Chip
Cookie: Peanut Butter
Donut: Maple Bar
Restaurant: Chili's
Movie Snack: Butterfingers or Sour Patch Kids
Chewing Gum: Trident-original flavor
Favorite Soda: Pepsi
Hot drink: Tea or hot chocolate
Random Questions
If you could be any kind of tree, what would you be? Palm tree
In your humble opinion, what is the best album ever? Jesus Freak - dc Talk
What is in your CD player right now? Out of Eden, Plus One, 'N Sync, Creed, Matchbox Twenty
What event from 1999 still influences you today? Joining Plus One
First question you will ask God when you get to Heaven? Why do you allow us to sin?
What question do you think He will ask you? He's all knowing!
What is the worst song you have ever written? "That's Why I Love You"
Chicken or Steak? Both
What do you hope to be doing in ten years? Singing and writing music
What was the first instrument you learned to play? The trumpet
What Song do you wish you wrote: "God Must Have Spent (A Little More Time On You)" by N*Sync
If you weren't an artist, what would you be? A pastor
Read any good books lately? Just Like Jesus, Max Lucado
First Song (& Age Written): "Passion of My Heart" (age 14)
First job: I worked on the lawn at my church in 7th grade. That's my only job besides Plus One!
Hidden Talent: I can cross one eye and keep one eye straight
Currently in CD player: Out Of Eden and Stacie Orrico
Best way to make you laugh: Corny jokes, the kind that dads make
Most annoying habit: Bite my nails
What was in your bag the last time you left Target: Gameboy
Most embarassing moment: I slipped and fell while running out on stage
Thing you can't do to save your life: Talk softly
First christian album: Praise tapes
First album you remember buying: 112
Worst trouble you got into as a child: I chewed tobacco once
Most incredible date: Every date with the girls I like, cause I hardly get to go out on dates
If music wasn't your career, what do you think you'd be doing?: Going to college, probably be some sort of pastor.
Most memorable concert performance experience: Singing at my home church and at Nathan's church; also singing "Written" when the power went out and the audience sang the whole song.
If you were an animal, what would you be?: Teradactyl
If you swap lives with somebody for a day, who would it be?: Wanya from Boyz II Men so I could sing like him.
Number of speeding tickets: 3 (in one year!)
First car: Mazda mini-van (10 yrs. old) MPV
Dream Car: Hummer
Most prized possesions: My initial ring
Number of fan letters answered monthly: 70 e-mails
Most memorable meeting: The first meeting with [producer/label owner] David Foster
Best dish you can prepare: Macaroni and Cheese
Pet Peeves: Liars, broken escalators, loud eaters
Cartoon character that reminds you most of you: Mighty Mouse
Food you refuse to eat: any seafood
If you were an action hero, which one would you be?: Yellow power ranger
What are you doing right now: Working on the Christmas Album
Word or phrase you most often overuse: "Hecka"
Future plans: Continued sucess with Plus One, write music for my solo album, get married
Question no one has ever asked you before: How Plus One got together (yeah right!!!)
Collections: Baseball cards, hotel room keys
What products would you definitely endorse if asked?: Urban Outfitters or Taco Bell
What movie makes you cry?: Titanic, Simon Birch
Best practical joke played on you: Nathan hid under my bed one night until I was almost asleep then he creeped up and scared me
Dream Duet: Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men


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