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Book a Time to Read

Looking for an escape from that book you're reading for English?  We've got some grand ideas for ya!  Read on down and "check them out!"  (like-at a library...get it?? hahaha!) If you've read anything swell and would like to share it with everyone-please email with the title, author, and brief description of it.  We'll try to "shelf" it on our site!


You Are Not Your Own  by: Jason Perry w/ Steve Keels
          In this book Jason Perry, a member of Plus One, encourages you to live a life sold-out for Jesus as he describes his own life experiences.
I Kissed Dating Good-bye  by: Joshua Harris
          This book doesn't say not to date.  Rather, it discusses a new method of dating which strives to put God first in all relationships.
Guideposts for Teens -magazine (
          This magazine is filled with true stories from teens.
Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart compiled by: Alice Grey
          True stories of forgiveness, virtue, sharing faith, making a difference, inspiration, trust/courage, and changed lives.
Left Behind Series by: Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins
          A fictional series about a group of new christians living in the end times; the stories are based on the events described in Revelations.