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hApPy PeOpLe SyNdRoMe

happy people syndrome (ha-pee pee-pul sin-drome) n. a condition in which the victim experiences extreme joy as a result of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  symptoms include (but are not limited to): smiling uncontrollably, jumping off walls, raising arms in the air, falling to knees, loving life, and singing praise to the One above.


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Yo dudes!  Welcome to our site!  You might be wondering about the significance of this site...and then again... maybe you aren't...but-we'll tell you anyways-we have a lot of space to fill!  One night we realized that the more we got to know God the happier we got!  And...that night we were really happy (and a little out of it too)-so, we diagnosed ourselves with Happy People Syndrome (aka HPS)!  We figured there might be some others out there with the same disease, so we created a site dedicated to all those special people!  So, if this sounds like you-then you've come to the right place!  Just in case you didn't notice, there are links to our other HPS pages at the top of this page.  So, be sure to check them out!  Feel free to look around and email us with any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, etc at thosehappypeeps@yahoo.com   thanks guys!  God bless!
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